DPAC Overview

School District No. 71 Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC)

DPACSD71Chair: Tonia Frawley
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: David Gillis


Purpose of Comox Valley District PAC

Comox Valley District PAC is a Board that represents the collective school district parents. Every parent with a child registered at a school is a member of their school PAC and District PAC. Each school PAC elects a parent representative to attend a monthly DPAC meeting, on the last Monday of each month. School PACs are encouraged to have issues of concern brought forth by their representative at a district level at DPAC meetings either by moving the issue forward by consensus or a motion.

All parents of the school district are welcome to attend the meetings.

SD71 has adopted a DPAC Policy regarding their relationship, acknowledging parents as “Partners in Education”.

According to the SCHOOL ACT, DPAC is the legislative voice of parents and may advise the school board on issues in the district. (Section 8.4). How do we do this? The main way we can communicate from the PAC’s to the DPAC and then to our education partners is by creating official “Motions”.

“Motions must be representative of the view of parents/PAC of the individual school. When DPAC supports a motion through our democratic processes, it means the majority of PACs support the Motion. It then becomes an important communication piece to our Public School Partners from the majority of the district parents.

Motions resulting from PAC meetings should come from DPAC Representatives in writing. Motions should read as follows;


Motions should be accompanied by some form of written justification. This written discussion is best presented in POINT FORM.

DPAC Representatives should also bring a copy of their PAC Minutes that contain this Motion.

When it comes to voting on motions at DPAC, one third of those schools are required to be represented at meetings to make quorum. A school PAC may send 2 or more representatives from their PAC to attend monthly meetings, however, their school is only allowed one vote. One individual may represent more than 1 PAC, but vote accordingly so that each PAC gets a vote. According to our Constitution, an extraordinary meeting may be called at any time at the discretion of the Chairperson.

Another important objective of DPAC is to advocate for the student and their families. This may include attending a meeting with a parent(s) in support and providing resources from BCCPAC and other sources.

Most school PAC need more involvement from parents … WHY Participate?

BCCPAC’s Parental Involvement document

Parents (through their active involvement in PACs) advocate for the best possible public education for all children in our school system. Under the School Act, PACs and DPACs have a formally recognized advisory role in the school system. Our partners in education expect to hear what parents think about any issue pertaining to the public school system. A PAC is an independent group in each school who defines their own goals as identified by the parents of the school community. PAC’s financially support their own goals, and therefore contribute to the improvement of public education. As an added bonus to families, it has been proven that student success is linked to parental involvement in education!

Parents have been involved in B.C. schools for over 80 years! (reference: BCCPAC’s document: Parent Involvement~ Basic Principles). Please note that all parents/guardians are automatically members of their school’s PAC. We are looking forward to talking to more of our SD71 Parents at PAC and DPAC!!!!

Thank You to the Holiday Inn Express in Courtenay

Thanks to the Holiday Inn Express in Courtenay for giving us 2 complementary nights stay – 1 for Hornby Island PAC and 1 for Denman Island PAC – so they can attend 1 DPAC event this school year and have their hotel cost covered. (Unfortunately the ferry doesn’t run late in the evening, so there is a barrier to attending evening meetings in person in Comox Valley. )

DPAC is considering broadcasting meetings over the internet in order to include more PACs and DPAC Reps. Let us know what you think email us at DPAC at sd71.bc.ca

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