Arden Elementary School

This year at Arden there has been a change in leadership with the arrival of Brian Goodwin as principal and Lucinda Wolters as vice-principal. The School has thirteen divisions from K-6 with approximately 316 students for the 2014/2015 school year.  With a diverse population Arden has been identified as an Early Success school with a strong emphasis on supporting our youngest learners. With an excellent teaching staff and strong support from our parent group Arden Elementary offers a rich and vibrant educational experience for all.

Developing a PLC Model

Developing a PLC Model

Establishing a consistent meeting time and providing teachers with opportunity to meet are vital first steps. At Arden Elementary School this process is underway with student learning and success being the first and foremost goal.

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Telling Stories Through Art

Telling Stories Through Art

One staff member Damaris Munro was amazed at how the project gave students an experience in self reflection and awareness as they were also asked to write a short paragraph about the mask or the experience.

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