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The Valley website www.thevalleycommunity.ca is designed to raise the profile of every school and every program in School District No. 71 within the WHOLE of the Comox Valley. Students, educators and community volunteers are all invited to contribute articles, stories, photos, videos and art.

Our public school system is ensuring that our future, the children of the Comox Valley, have the best chance possible in an ever-changing world. This initiative ensures that every tax payer has an opportunity to see their hard earned tax dollars at work. The stories and insights shared by the students, educators and community volunteers will provide a clear window into the classrooms, across the fields and throughout the schools.

As The Valley website grows, it will have companions — The Valley Facebook and The Valley Twitter. As soon as we garner enough support from sponsors, we will be launching a companion magazine for those who prefer paper over electronics.

Special Note: The opportunity is available for all students to work with Mary Ruth Harris on any aspect of the initiative ~ writing articles, taking photos/videos, graphic design, etc. for academic credit or work experience.

SD71 Note: The publisher, Synergetic Strategies — wholly owned and operated by Mary Ruth Harris, has the approval of School District No. 71 to operate this initiative. If you have any questions, you can contact Russell Horswill, Secretary-Treasurer for SD71. He can be reached at 250.334.5521.

Copyright: In accordance with Canadian copyright laws, the publisher, Synergetic Strategies — wholly owned and operated by Mary Ruth Harris, retains all rights to any and all insertions of comments, editorials, writings, photography, graphics or advertisements designed by the publisher Synergetic Strategies that appear on The Valley Community website, The Valley Facebook page, The Valley Twitter account and The Valley magazine. Any reproduction without the express written consent of the publisher is prohibited.

Editor’s Note: It is our goal to launch a quarterly magazine companion to the website. If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a sponsor for either the website or the magazine please be in touch with editor Mary Ruth Harris at 250.650.7575.

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The Valley website is a place where your students, your teachers & your community gather to share and learn about the amazing projects, initiatives and outstanding achievements happening in our classrooms, our schools and on our fields. The saying goes ... "It takes a village..." and ours is fantastic!

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